ChariTEA: Spark

ChariTEA: Spark

As you know, we choose a new chariTEA every quarter, they choose a blend that reflects them, or what they support and we donate the profits of the blend to them! 


This quarter (April 2019 to June 2019) are chosen chariTEA is Spark. Spark is a charity that ignites the conversion about mental health, a cause we believe is SO important! And, they have chosen Bears Like Marmalade as their blend!


Gareth, the Chief Executive Officer of Spark, has written a lovely blog to tell you a little more...

Spark: Igniting The Conversation About Mental Health

Hey friends,


We are Spark and we are absolutely over the moon to be partnering with Bird & Blend! There’s an awful lot that a good cup of tea can help improve – and in fact, it can be part of a fantastic self-care regimen to drink a great cup of your favourite tea!


We’re a mental health charity based on facilitating peer support – by using a moderated Facebook support group. This gives us an amazing, unique opportunity to be there for our 1000+ members 24/7/365, completely confidentially, in the palm of their hands.


We believe that nobody should ever have to suffer with a mental health diagnosis alone, and we work really hard to make sure that every post in the group is heard, everyone is looked after, and every member is kept as safe as they possibly can be.


Tea has great health values – but it also has great mental health properties too. For instance, if you’re at work, getting up and making a cup of tea for five minutes takes you out of a stress area, gets you away from a screen, and gives you chance to take five and ask a colleague how they’re doing, whilst your tea brews.


For our ChariTEA, we’ve chosen “Bears Like Marmalade”. We chose this because marmalade and toast are always something that’s a huge home comfort for so many, and some days there is just nothing better. Oranges are full of goodness too, and what we eat can play such a huge part in helping our mental health.


We’re so grateful to Bird & Blend for their support, and you as well for your support! If you want to learn more about Spark or to join the support group, check out our website –


But for now, shine bright!


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