Introducing Our Brilliant Bird & Blend Brewdini!

Introducing Our Brilliant Bird & Blend Brewdini!

Here at the Nest, we’re super excited about our Brewdini gravi-TEA steepers- so much so that we added our name to them! We think they’re the perfect way to make tea both at home and in-store (if ever you’ve had a drink made in one of our stores, chances are you’ve seen one in action.)

We know that people have a preferred way of making loose-leaf tea, but we’re on a mission to convert you to our fuss-free, mess-free gravity steepers! Unlike tea bags, there’s no mess and you don’t get the metallic taste that comes with steel infusers. Brewdinis also last longer than both methods (who else has been stressed out by running out of tea bags, or their steel infuser going manky?!) It’s also BPA-free, which means that there are no dodgy chemicals in the plastic.

The UK's first Herbfield blend: Meadow

Why else do we love the Brewdini? Well, its space means that there’s plenty of room for tea leaves to fully open. This means that the tea can really steep, giving you a richer and fuller flavour! It’s also fascinating to see the tea leaves unfurl and do their magic- especially so if you have a pretty blend, such as Dozy Girl or Blue Raspberry. To serve the tea is so easy too- just place the steeper on top of a mug and it’ll drain neatly- gone are the days of teapot splash (it’s a real thing, honest!) and stray tea leaves making their way into your mug. It’s the easiest way to a perfect cup of tea.


One of the questions we’re asked the most is how to clean the Brewdini. It’s super simple! You can remove the filter and tip the leaves into the bin or onto the compost heap (used tea leaves are great for plants!) The Brewdini also easily dismantles for thorough cleaning.


We honestly love the Brewdini so much- and we’re convinced you will too. That’s why we put our name on it!


We have a range of gorgeous teas that'll look amazing in your Brewdini- and all the teaware to make a perfect cup of tea!

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