Black Magic Matcha Latte

Black Magic Matcha Latte

It's almost Halloween, and you know what that means... We had to make a yummy Halloween drink recipe! We've created a simple, yet spooky matcha latte recipe with whipped cream and strawberry sauce (...Or is it blood?!). 

Serves: 1

What you will need:

What to do:

1. Add 1 Perfect Matcha Spoon of Black Magic into your mug (or you could use a bowl).


2. Add a little 80 degree water (if you don’t have a fancy kettle, then just add a splash of cold water before you add the hot) and whisk well, ensuring you get rid of any clumps. The best way of doing this, and the traditional way, is to use a Bamboo Matcha Whisk – but you can also use a battery powered whisk too.


3. When smooth, top up the cup halfway with 80 degree water. To enjoy as a hot tea latte, follow the next step. To enjoy as an iced latte, go to step 6.


4. Add 1 Perfect Tea Spoon of honey (or vegan alternative) to your matcha. You then need to measure out 100ml of milk and froth it. We recommend our fab Latte Shaker!


Note: If you are using a milk frothing machine or steam wand from your coffee machine, you can add the milk directly to the brewed tea and then froth for a creamier taste!


5. Add your milk to your tea, stirring as you go and ensure you get a nice, big dollop of frothy milk on the top. 


6. To enjoy cold, fill a glass halfway with ice, pour the hot matcha on top and fill up the rest of the glass with a milk of your choice.


7. To finish, top with whipped cream (regular or vegan) and drizzle some strawberry sauce over the top to give it that spooky, Halloween-y effect.


8. Pop in a straw (take a picture for Instagram) and enjoy!

Everything you need for this recipe:

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