Full bodied, aged Pu'erh tea with notes of vanilla and coffee.


Coffee Pu'erh

Pu'erh Tea

Coffee Pu'erh

Full bodied, aged Pu'erh tea with notes of vanilla and coffee.


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lProduct Description

So you're a coffee lover are you? What's wrong with you man?! Think of all the wars fought to get us our humble cuppa! You'd better pick your side and quick... But be clever about it, try this coffee tea and you might just find a better way to get your daily hit!


Chinese Pu'erh tea, Columbian coffee beans, Ceylon black tea, vanilla.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4 mins - with or without milk


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Coffee Pu'erh

Product Reviews


Based on 22 reviews


Refreshing and delicious

Coffee Pu’erh is my husbands very favourite hot drink. He makes it by the pot full and it really helps him through his working day.


This is the best tea I've drunk.


Hands down - this is my favourite blend of any tea I've tried.

Buy it.


My New Favourite Tea

I love coffee and I love tea, but this takes my love to a whole other level. I have a candle called 'coffee shop' which is supposed to remind you of a cozy bookshop and that's exactly what this taste reminds me of. I can picture myself sitting in an old vintage bookshop with the smell of coffee in the air and my hands wrapped around a mug. The tea is incredible and the gentle hit of coffee you get after every mouthful is incredible too. The one negative is that I think there should be more coffee beans in the loose leaf, if you aren't careful about how many beans you use then you end up with a bag filled with leaves and no coffee beans left. But that can largely be solved by shaking the bag beforehand. I'm in love!...Read more


Enough buzz to carry you through to lunch time

I love coffee but I tend to go a little overboard if it's super busy or I'm super tired and I end up wired and shaky by 5pm. This has the coffee flavour and a gentler hit, but the vanilla notes soften the taste of coffee and buzz.


Strong and dark

Great for the commute to work.


No shakes : - )

Fab for caffeine free fans as a treat. As a non caffeine drinker, willing to give this a try, I was pleasantly surprised, no shakes, hurray...
A delicate taste with a hint of vanilla, black tea and full coffee beans, lovely as an uplifting morning treat or enjoying an afternoon with friends whilst nibbling on yummy homemade biscuits...
Loved it, hubby to!!



Love the fact there are actual coffee beans in the mix. It's a nice alternative if you want a bit of coffee taste


It’s like a triple threat: pu-erh, black tea and coffee!

There are plenty of coffee beans in the mix here! After steeping for four minutes, the fragrance is telling me it’s a pu-erh but the flavor is a delicious coffee! It’s such a nice change. I’d say that coffee beans like this could turn me into a coffee drinker, but I love my tea too much! A fine example of a pu-erh and a good one to start with if you want to try one, since it is also mixed with black tea. It’s a nice mild pu-erh but you can tell it’s a pu-erh and it blends very well with the coffee. The second steep went for six minutes but there is less of a coffee flavor this time around. Very happy with this one. I’d keep this one in stock as a tea-that-tastes-like-coffee tea. I really crave it sometimes. This is way better than coffee... but I'd also love more vanilla here. I’m glad Bird & Blend keeps this one in stock. (Though they should also keep others in stock… like Jelly & Ice Cream!!)...Read more


Deep and delicious

This tea is gorgeous for when I need just a little extra boost from my tea, and it pairs so beautifully with oat or almond milk and a nice biscuit for an afternoon pick me up!


What a tea!

My new favourite morning brew. Really refreshing in a way that coffee can't be with that extra lift from a fabulous tasting tea. Love it.


Excellent choice for coffee fans

This tea is my favourite from Bird & Blend. It's very unique and a really good choice if you want an alternative to traditional coffee, which in my case I was certainly drinking too much of! It's also fun to brew up for friends as it's so unusual and everyone I've made it for loves it too. A very special blend that is one of my must-haves!


Perfect morning alternative

I have been finding coffee a little harsh on my stomach first thing in the morning, but this tea provides the perfect alternative! It hd just enough coffee undertones to make me feel energsied and mentally ready, without any of the negative consequences. Would fully recommend to those who need a little more oomph in their morning cuppa!


An enticing touch of coffee

I didn't really believe the coffee beans would actually make a difference to the flavour of this tea (sorry, Bird &Blend!) but was happily proved wrong. Pu'erh is one of my favourite black teas - full of rich flavour and a lovely dark colour - but this one has an added element of subtle coffee after-taste. Much recommended.


The Coffee Lover's Tea

I love the taste/smell of coffee, but I can't drink much of it. This is the perfect way to get my coffee hit :) Toasty, smoky flavours with a lovely coffee finish.


Good Brew

This blend of high quality coffee and tea is surprisingly unique . Sounds anathema, but smells and tastes great.


Coffee? Tea? Both?

Cravings for coffee and tea are satisfied in a cup of this Coffee Pu'erh, complete with a hint of vanilla. So much so I bought a 150g refill after going through my 50g pack quickly!!


Suzan from Surrey

Was looking forward to trying this as I have always been a big coffee fan but I was disappointed with this tea, did not have the flavour I was hoping for. I made first as instructions the second cup I used more than suggested but still wasn't strong enough, not unpleasant but not one for me.


A Lovely Comfort!

This is a beautiful, mellow brew without being weak. There are soothing coffee notes that don't overpower. Perfect at breakfast and after dinner.



I took a chance on this, because I loved the Mocha Chai, and enjoyed the new to me taste of puerh in Skinny Minny. Given that it is coffee and vanilla, it was a no brainer. It's a really nice, rather morish, very comforting sophisticated tea. I have so many different BlueBird teas that sometimes I just can't decide what I fancy. This is the blend I chose when in that mood. The flavour of the coffee doesn't overpower the tea, but just adds more depth to it. I hope you make more puerh blends in the future, as the two you have are lovely, this especially. ...Read more


Great flavor, feels luxurious like

Great flavor, feels luxurious like coffee.

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