Calling all space cadets... dreamy lemon + lavender!


Moondrop Dreams


Moondrop Dreams

Calling all space cadets... dreamy lemon + lavender!




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lProduct Description

Winner of the Tea Election, as voted for by you. Moondrop Dreams, expected to become a firm fan fave is now a permanent member of our tea wall!


Starry nights and Moondrop Dreams... We always get asked about teas that may help you sleep - with this in mind, we wanted to create a blend to help you rest your mind + body! Ground control to Teabirds - this Space OddiTEA infusion of rooibos, lavender + lemon may just be the answer to your Moondrop Dreams.



Rooibos, apple pieces, rosehip, lavender, lemon peel, fermented lemon peel, orange peel, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients. 

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup  - 100° water - 4+ mins - with or without milk  


 Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Moondrop Dreams

Product Reviews


Based on 56 reviews


Favourite sleepy tea

I have tried over 15 different sleepy teas and this is by far my favourite. It smells great and tastes so nice and settling before bed!


Just beautiful

Relaxing and beautiful red tea. The rosehip is so delicious and great before bed.


calming brew

I tried this on it's own and wasn't sure if I liked it so added a drop of oat milk and it totally transformed into a pre-bedtime drink.



Great taste, and so relaxed after my tea at bedtime.


Perfect after a long day

This tea is the perfect hot cup of comfort before bed. I was a little dubious about lavender in tea but I have to say I'm a convert! Lovely with honey and a good book.



Hands down favourite tea from Bird and Blend! To me it tastes like a delicious vanilla sponge has been layered with sweet candied lemon and orange peel. There's a sweet, sticky toffee smell and taste to this tea that I want to roll around in! I know the lavender is in there doing its thing and making this tea next level special. Perfect for anyone who likes their roobios tea with a sweet taste. Like Birthday Cake but better. 10/10...Read more


Moondrop Dreams leaves you dreamy!

Love moondrop dreams! Fantastic tasting and super relaxing!


Strong citrus taste

I often struggle to sleep, so I've tried a lot of sleepy teas. The one I most often go for is Pukka, but I'm still curious to try more - plus the name Moondrop Dreams caught my eye. I'm not averse to herbal teas, though I do prefer ones I can put milk in, so I was excited to try this.

I quite like it! There's a strong citrus taste under the Rooibus, and under that a hint of lavender. I can't taste the lavender as strongly, which was a shame, but it still tastes lovely. Unfortunately it didn't seem to make me very sleepy, so that's annoying. Maybe I only really react to Valerian Root as a sleep-aid, who knows?

Anyway, pretty good tea regardless, so definitely give it a go!
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Delicious and dreamy

I have trouble sleeping and on those nights love a good cup of Moondrops and then I sleep until morning..... would highly recommend.


Dreamy as always

This tea, oh boy! Perfect for those late evenings when you're on the wind down. What a perfect little combination. Tangy, tasty and totally out of this world!


Dreamy Moondrop Dreams

I adore this tea, the notes of lavender and citrus added to the rooibos means I can drink it all day! This was my second order for the tea as I had purchased a smaller amount when really I should have bought a tin, lucky for me my tea arrived quickly :)


Light, refreshing, tasty!

Very different to the teas I normally go for, but still a favourite!


A dreamy night time tea

I really enjoy this tea. It's perfect to have in the evenings before bed or after a long busy day while reading a book. It has a nice citrus taste to it with a hint of lavender. My very favourite night time tea however is Bird & Blend's Lazy Boy (thank you for the sample by the way, both Mum & I enjoyed it) but Moondrop Dreams is my 2nd favourite!


Comfort in a cup!

This was one of four flavours I tried when I first ventured into the world of tea and it was my favourite by far. Lovely sweet taste, delicious smell and it makes you feel so relaxed and peaceful - the perfect bedtime beverage!



I was looking for a good tea to have before bed and ordered Moondrop Dreams based on the reviews, unsure if I would like it or not. But oh my gosh I absolutely love it. It’s floral, sweet and lemony all at once without being overpowering. I like to have mine with oat milk and a dash of vanilla syrup before leaves the whole room smelling beautiful! Will 100% repurchase :)


Dream Catcher

Fun, relaxing, sleep rooibos blend...
Relax, unwind and fall into a deep, sleepy slumber of dream catching...
The blend plays with your tastebuds, reminds me of sweets from childhood, amazing, fun taste of lemon and lavender...


I think I'm a little bit in love

Oh no, this tea is too good. Why did I only buy a small bag of it? I really love this as a gentle afternoon or evening brew, it's got a lovely, sweetly lemony-floral flavour that's so soft and comforting.


Fresh and New!

As someone who adores tea, finding new and interesting blends is the best!
Totally unique taste and smell, this is the perfect afternoon tea


Dream for two

Thank for helping both my husband and I have a relaxed nights sleep without the use of prescribed sleeping tablets.
Now we wake up without the withdrawal fug ready to start the day.


I didn't expect THIS much deliciousness from this blend!

I love the lemon flavor, which isn’t quite like a bergamot. It’s more like lemon myrtle flavor, a sweeter candy lemon than a perfumey bergamot. The lavender looks so fresh and bright and tastes amazing with the lemon. I don’t taste the rosehips, orange or apple but that’s a plus for me. I’m happy with just the lemon and lavender. Note to self: one teaspoon is perfectly enough for a mug. I’m surprised there aren’t more lemon and lavender blends out there. This blend is perfect for hot late summer nights.
Steep #1 // 1 teaspoon for a full mug// 10 minutes after boiling // 3 minute steep
Steep #2 // just boiled // 5 minute steep
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