Become a Tea Master at home!


Tea 101 Workshop At Home


Tea 101 Workshop At Home

Become a Tea Master at home!


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Become a Tea Master with your very own at home tea course!


We’re so excited to announce the launch of our all new at home Tea Workshops! 


Learn all about the Camellia Sinensis (tea) plant! We’ll teach you about how the plant is grown & how different processing methods determine what kind of tea it creates; be it green, white or black! 


Discover 7 types of single origin teas, each in their own mini tin, whilst you follow the guides included to become a Tea Master! Along with single origin teas, inside are 10 different blended teas in single serve tea bags for your ‘at home’ tea tasting experience, opening your taste buds to new ways of reimagining tea! 


You will also get your own Perfect Tea Spoon, DIY tea infuser sacs, plus a beautifully designed tasting card, all packed in a gorgeous Bird & Blend gift box!


As well as receiving your gift box of goodies, you’ll be sent a link to watch a Tea Master Class by one of our expert Tea Mixologists, so you can learn all about the different types of tea, how they’re grown, produced and brewed! Not forgetting the 101 of how to tea taste with expertise! 





What teas are included? 

In your box you will recieve 7 mini tins which hold different types of tea from the tea plant! White, Green, Black CTC, Black whole leaf, Matcha, Oolong and Pu’erh! 


Alongside this, you will also get a variety of 10 single serve tea bags of our own gorgeous tea blends! 


Is it possible to do it with friends and family? 

Absolutely! You can watch the Tea Talk Masterclass together and learn about all the different types of tea whilst having some fun learning how to “Slurp!”


How long will it take?

However long you would like to spend! The Tea Talk video is around 15 minutes long, but you can take your time, pause, go back to certain points and retaste your teas! Whichever is more preferable for you!


How do I see the video?

Once you’ve bought the Workshop 101 Gift Box, we will send you an email with all the bits you need to know, including a link to the video!

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Tea 101 Workshop At Home

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Great Gift

Bought as a gift which was well received. Lots of information with online tutorial and a good selection of teas included. Friendly customer service, well packaged and arrived quickly. Would purchase again.