Purple in colour, Parma Violet in taste!


Purple Rain

Black Tea

Purple Rain

Purple in colour, Parma Violet in taste!


12 Reviews

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lProduct Description

Vote back by YOU for Spring, let us re-introduce Purple Rain!


Founded by children of the 80's, with inherited vinyl collections, the Bird & Blend family were always going to have a soft spot for Prince. This Parma Violet brew is deep purple in colour + its floral notes are the perfect tribute.


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First flush Darjeeling black tea, Ceylon black tea, hibiscus, mallow flowers, flavour.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


 Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4 mins - with or without milk (we recommend oat milk)


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 


Purple Rain

Product Reviews


Based on 12 reviews


My first B&B fail

I’m a massive B&B fan, a subscription number and a buyer of more tea than is sensible so it’s with a heavy heart that I leave this review. This tea isn’t reminiscent of Parma Violets (and I stuffed some in my face to see if my tastebuds were off), is sharp/sour even with a sugar cube and curdles cow’s milk leaving the tea undrinkable (though it does make very pretty patterns as some chemical reaction goes off). I bought a 150g bag without trying the tea first based on all other Bird and Blend successes. Oops. Now to go brew up some Key Lime Pie. ...Read more


Pretty but could be more palma violet

It has a lovely cheery colourful blend pre-brew. Smells like palma violet. Brewed it to specified time - too fruity not enough palma violet. Tried it with a shorter brew time still not quiet right.



When you brew this just right it does have a strikingly similar taste to Parma Violets. Very refreshing tea, with floral undertones.


tea rocks

My purchase was made as a birthday present for my daughter in law who adores the yea, the variety and blends. She is a regular user and loves the company and it's products. I love the company attitude, the wonderfully easy to use website, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and the prompt response to orders. Unfortunately, I don't like different flavoured teas, regional black teas float my boat and if ever bird blend expand to offering assams, Darjeeling, nilgiris etc, I shall be placing my orders at a rate of knots, especially as i have just tried to order a variety of similar for another birthday present and had so much difficulty with websites that i gave up. My daughter in law is delighted with her choices from bird blend, I trust her judgement, I'm delighted with the customer service of this company ...Read more


Beautiful colour

This tea looks wonderful in a glass tea top or a cup where you can see the colour. I haven't caught the Parma violet taste yet but it did steep quite strong the first time so may be my fault. Tasted really great however!



Absolutely wonderful tea, amazing flavour, and a beautiful colour! Would definitely recommend it!


Really tastes like sweets!

I ordered this sceptically, wanting it to live up to the name but not convinced it would. I was proven wrong! This tea really does taste like parma violets! I was blown away. I think it would make a great iced tea though it hasn't been the weather for me to try it out yet. I like it plain without milk, and it certainly doesn't need any sugar, it's quite a sweet tea. Very different, very original. I'm glad I tried it...Read more


Almost There

I love Parma Violet so immediately had to buy some to try it when it won the Vote Back. The dry smells similar to Parma Violets, but the brewed tea and taste, well if I didn't know what the tea was meant to be I would never have guessed that was the flavour.

Don't get me wrong. It's a beautiful tea that I am more than happy to drink and would actually purchase again. It's a very pretty colour and a very delicate flavour ...Read more



The tea is a beautiful colour - really living up to its name. I just hoped it would have more of a Parma violets taste and this is where it is disappointing. There is a slight smell, but once drinking it I would not be able to say that was the flavour the tea was aiming for. Probably wouldn’t buy again, and rather sad I have a 50g bag to get through! Please could you start doing 20g bags for the seasonal specials too? It means we can try them without having to order a big bag of something we may not personally enjoy! ...Read more


A cup of Halloween!

There's always one kid in the group that loved the parma violet sweets at Halloween, and if you were that kid you will absolutely LOVE this! It doesn't taste like a cup of sugar, but more like the memory of those lovely purple sweets. It's become my go-to relaxation tea after a long workday, always puts me in a fantastic mood!


Purple passion

Love this tea: it has floral notes as well as a refreshing bite. I cold brew it in almond milk, sweetened with just a little honey: the tesultingly gorgeous lilac milk is delicious as a nutritious breakfast drink and makes a delightful chia porridge or overnight oats too!


Like childhood in a cup

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this one when it came in my taster samples, but this is the right side of nostalgic. Not sickly at all. A beautiful purple, especially with milk. love it!