Award-winning, white silver needle tea with spiritual spearmint + heavenly jasmine.


Nearly Nirvana | Jasmine Tea

White Tea

Nearly Nirvana | Jasmine Tea

Award-winning, white silver needle tea with spiritual spearmint + heavenly jasmine.


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lProduct Description

This luxury white tea with heavenly jasmine and spiritual spearmint will surely help you reach nirvana. Don't just take our word for it... Japanese monks say tea embodies the four Buddhist principles and the word on the street is that they also use it to help them stay awake during meditation and to quiet their grumbling tummies during fasts!


This is an award-winning tea, see more about our Great Taste Award teas and what the judges had to say about our blends here.


Chinese white tea, Chinese green tea, jasmine blossoms, spearmint, orange blossom.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 80° water - 3 mins - no milk  



Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Nearly Nirvana | Jasmine Tea

Product Reviews


Based on 107 reviews


My Favorite B&B tea so far!

This tea is perfect. A hint of floral, relaxing and calming. I drink this throughout the day as it’s perfect for all times. I would imagine it’s lovely iced as well.


Absolutely wonderful evening tea

Perfect tea for winding down in the evening - mellow and delightful


White Tea Nirvana !

I bought a sample of Nearly Nirvana some time ago, not sure why it took me so long to try it... I think when i read the ingredients i put it to the side and nah I can’t envisage the jasmine and spearmint working together... a few weeks ago i decided to do a white tea tasting so pulled a bunch of white teas out - and WOW.... this blend knocks the socks of every other i have tried. It is light, refreshing, and perfectly blended with good quality Silver Needle as the base. I immediately put an order in for a fan stash bag in. This is a blend to be tried if you’re looking for white tea Nirvana..... ...Read more



The balance between green and white tea with jasmine and spearmint is heavenly. It's very calming and yet refreshing. It's the perfect way for me to start a challenging day at work. I also really like it chilled in summer.


Unique but delicious!

I usually hate spearmint teas with a passion because they remind me of hot toothpaste or chewing gum, but here it blends with the jasmine so nicely that it almost forms an entirely new aroma! I like this more and more the longer I drink it.


Greatest tea ever!

This tea is fantastic, definitely the best tea that I’ve ever tried in terms of taste and how easy it is to drink. Lady Lavender was my favourite tea because the amazing flavour but this tea is so smooth and soothing that I’d definitely say it’s the overall best! The mint is beautiful and delicate and the recommended brewing time is perfect.
I’ve even accidentally brewed it a few minutes longer than recommended before and expected it to be bitter like most other teas, but even when overbrewed it’s still wonderful
...Read more


Not for me..

I got a free sample of this tea with one of my orders. It tasted a little too car air fresher for my liking! Clearly pine is not for me.


All time favourite tea

I LOVE this tea. It has such a beautiful, delicate taste. I love anything with jasmine in and mixed with the spearmint and white and green tea it's incredible. (Also looks super pretty and from a great company) Life changing. Buy it.


Pleasant surprise

I received a bag of this tea as a free sample and was really taken aback by how “clean” it tastes! I can imagine this will be fantastic as an “after dinner” tea as it’s incredibly soothing. Will definitely order some more when I replenish my tea shelves!


Luxurious tea experience!

Amazing scent and taste, my favourite tea by far!


Subtle and Soothing

The mint flavour in this tea is very subtle. So much so that I couldn't tell it was there. However, the flavour is different to my regular jasmine so there is something different. I like this blend and particularly like it as a bedtime relaxation drink.


Very nice tea

Smells and tastes delicious


Tremendous Tea!!!

This is the most amazing tea I have in my collection! It has replaced my daily cuppas completely. My favourite blend, and reasonably priced. The delivery from Bird & Blend is always speedy and the complimentary tea bags to try that come with an order is a really nice touch!


A nice twist on jasmine

I really enjoyed this tea, I would have loved a touch more mint, but I can't complain with a green tea that's so full without being bitter. Will be buying again for sure.


Smooth and heavenly

This is also great in the cold brew bottle. I have been drinking this quite often with a meal in the evening and the mint and lavender flavours go really well with lots of summer salads.


Nirvana for 2

The quality is superb, fresh, fragrant and has a unique blend which I could not find in other teas.
Well done team, you got me as new customer!!


Favourite tea!

This is absolutely my most favourite tea, I can't get enough of it! Lovely delicate flavours, without the bitterness you can get with some Jasmine Green teas. Service is always super quick too, and even got some tasty samplers with my last two orders.



The tea I recommend to all my friends. Absolutely beautiful tea that is soothing and calming! Great for winding down after a long day, with the gentle flavours calming you right down


Luxurious tea experience!

This is one of the best teas I've enjoyed in some time. The scent and taste are both exquisite, I will be ordering more for sure!


Not for me.

I got this one as a free sample, and sadly - despite its lovely fresh aroma - it just wasn’t for me. I could taste the jasmine quite strongly, and the spearmint was an interesting pairing that wasn’t to my tastes. I prefer more traditional peppermint tea, but if you’re into jasmine tea (which I’m not!) you’d probably like this one more than I did.

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