Choose 5 x mini pots from our range of matcha powders to Mix 'n' Match(a) your own sample tube


Mix 'n' Matcha Tube

Mix 'n' Matcha Tube

Choose 5 x mini pots from our range of matcha powders to Mix 'n' Match(a) your own sample tube


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lProduct Description

Whether you're a Matcha master or just beginning your green tea journey, we've got a flavour for you! Choose from our ever-growing range of hand blended matcha powders and tea powders in handy mini tins and build your own Mix 'n' Matcha Tube. 


Each tin contains 5g of Matcha or tea powder and makes approximately 3 cups of lovely goodness! Recipe card included with brewing tips and matcha info. 


What's the difference between a Matcha and a Tea Powder?

Our Matchas all have a Japanese green tea base and are packed full of caffeine! However, our Tea Powders have an alternative base and don't contain any green tea! Check out the ingredients below to find out what they contain instead. 


Explore our range of flavours below...

pBrew the perfect cup

Mix up your matcha as a hot tea with honey or ice it as a latte. Shot it, bake with it, put it in your yogurt... for tips and ideas see our matcha recipe page.


Want to find out more about matcha and its benefits? Pop over to our UniversiTEA Blog, learn about matcha section.


Please note: Although none of our matcha powders contain nuts they are packed in an environment that could have nuts present.


Got a burning tea question? Give the TEAm a call on 01273 325 523.


Have a look at some awesome Matcha recipes below:

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Mix 'n' Matcha Tube

Product Reviews


Based on 56 reviews


Hard to Choose My Favourite!

A great way to try different matcha teas. I chose ice cream, nordic berry, pure grade, cocoa and turmeric tea powder. Yet to try the last two but so far, I'm loving them all! Will definitely be trying more in the near future.


Awesome way to try matcha

I love this selection, it is a brilliant way of trying different types of matcha without having to pay lots for something I might not like. Although, I have yet to find a type I don't love! I think this is great value of money and means I have a large variety of macha avaliable to me, and who doesn't like plenty of choice when it comes to things that taste so amazing!?



Great to have a mix of flavours


Fun and delicious

I have had matcha before, but this was a great way to test different flavours. The lemon and ice cream are particular favourites and I will be purchasing them in bigger bags soon! I find some matcha can be a little bitter, but these are spot on and mix well. The little tins are also really cute, which is a bonus.


Amazing service!

I bought this as a present for a friend, and I loved all the extra touches that went into the delivery. I think this set is a great way to try different types of matcha tea, and it's nice to have the choice to pick your own. Overall fantastic service and I will definitely be ordering again!


Great taste

I really enjoyed this! I had not tried machta tea before and it was great to decide what I liked. It holds enough cups to make up your mind! I will be ordering more machta tea because of this product


Great taster

I love Matcha and my local coffee shop always uses Bird and Blend so I thought I'd have a look but there were so many options I couldn't chose. This taster set was the perfect way to figure out which Matcha I wanted.



I love the flavours
I went for orange, orange and passion fruit, peach and cream, ice cream and Charcoal .
I am
Blown away by how much the flavour actually comes through and that it tastes like it should!


Perfect flavoured matcha!

Great to try different flavours, I’ve since ordered gingernut and the passionfruit & orange in big tubs. And amazingly fast delivery! ❤️



Bird and Blend tea is the only place to get amazing teas!!!! And omg these matcha teas are incredible!!!!! 100% recommended and an amazing way to try different matchas!!!!


Every mornings different

I purchased a mix & match tube as there’s so many flavours to decide from... it was great as it allowed me to try lots of flavours before I purchased a larger tin. Every morning I would select one at random and start my day



I’d never tried matcha before but the sample you gave me in one of my orders was so good that I thought I would try some more. Great way to try different flavours before buying a big tin


Beyond my expectations - simply amazing

I don't usually write reviews but I had to make an exception. I've recently purchased Mix'n'Matcha set. In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical to buy it because it's quite pricey so I approached the purchase twice before actually buying it.
HONESTLY, I did not expect that!! I've had natural matcha powder before and I could never finish it because it's bitter and unless you sweeten it, it's difficult to get used used to (and I'm a person who doesn't sweeten their coffee/tea). This is THE BEST matcha I've ever had, better than at any coffee shop... the smell and the flavour!! Also, I asked for a sample of a particular flavour and not only did I receive it but I also received a note in response :) AMAZING customer service, will definitely buy again, full size flavours. ...Read more


Lovely Idea

I was originally a bit sad that I couldn’t get the mermaid matcha in the tube but I got sent a little sample with mine! So my only improvement would be to get the full range as tasters. Great idea and wonderful service


Fabulous Tea and Amazing Service

I'd been trying to decide for a while whether to order some matcha or not and I'm so glad I did. I picked up the mix and match tester tube and, although I've not yet tried them all, the ones I have tried so far have been delicious! I also loved the very personalised customer service with a wee note on my delivery slip explaining why a free sample of the Mermaid tea had been included (I ordered the Ice Cream sample and they thought I would enjoy Mermaid - they were right!) Definitely worth supporting small companies like this where you get quality products and a personal touch....Read more


Tiny Tins of Tasty!

These little mix and matcha tins were the perfect way to narrow down some favourites and I've been really enjoying them.

I dont have a whisk so have been mixing with a spoon which is less than ideal and yet I'm still enjoying a delicious matcha latte in the mornings despite my lack of proper equipment. Having had matcha teas made properly, the use of a whisk definitely improves texture so if you dont have one, I would recommend getting one.

The flavours are fun and tasty. My favourite so far if I were forced to choose would be a toss up between salted caramel and gingernut.

The tins are nice and easy to open (my stuff hands thank you!) and I will be ordering bigger quantities when these have run out because I've really been enjoying them.
...Read more


Matcha that you fancy

Love love love this product - I wanted to try lots of different flavors so I could make a shortlist for the ones I want full size pots for - trouble is that short list is now 6 flavors long thanks to the free sample of Mermaid Matcha. How did I not find you when you were two streets away from my old office in Manchester - I may have to beg for my old job back so I can have easy access to the Matcha ...Read more



I was initially reluctant about trying matcha to replace my beloved morning coffee, however I was very pleasantly surprised!! I bought the mix and matcha set, and the ice cream flavour I tried first is absolutely delicious!! Can't wait to try the rest x


Absolute favourite!

I love the mixed tubes of matcha because I can pick whichever flavours I want! I hate it when you buy box sets and don't like half of them but here you can pick whichever one you want to try! I also had a free gift arrive with my order of another matcha tin (chocolate and lime) which has done a fab job of getting my bf hooked on matcha too! Bird & blend always offer a reliable service with all my favourite products!! I'd never go anywhere else!...Read more


Soooo Good!

First time I tried Macha, and I loved it, specially the salted caramel one and the Ice cream one. Definitely will buy the bigger tins next time.

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