Award-winning, spiced gingerbread chai tea


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Gingerbread Chai | Tea Bags

Award-winning, spiced gingerbread chai tea


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lProduct Description

We have our Nordic neighbours to thank for the tradition of gingerbread. Every year the town of Bergen, Norway still build a lifesize gingerbread city to celebrate Christmas. What a nightmare for poor old Hansel and Gretel! Let's hope they are keeping a low profile and enjoying a steaming cup of our Gingerbread Chai instead!


This tea won big at this years Great Taste Awards. Read what the judges had to say and check out our other award winning teas here. 


Create your own latte kit by adding the Latte Milk Frother and Brighton RAW Honey.


Rooibos, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla pieces, mallow flowers, flavour.


Warning: May contain traces of nuts

Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 teabag - 100° water - 4 mins - With or without milk.



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Gingerbread Chai | Tea Bags

Product Reviews


Based on 77 reviews


For the wife

My wife loves Chai tea. When she tried this for the first time, she loved it. So I had to get her a supply.


Very ginger-y

This is a wonderful tea but I think quite strong when it comes to the ginger flavour. I love the fact that it does get very strong but I think that some people may find it overpowering. You can control the ginger-y-ness of the tea but leaving the tea bag in for longer (stronger) or shorter (weaker) - think this makes it a great tea because it can be customised!


Take a well deserved time out and relax with this tasty and soothing tea

The Gingerbread Chai is such a tasty and soothing tea ..... and so convenient as it comes in tea bag form. A wonderful way to relax for 10 mins ......


Big fan

This tea is wonderful. I've been trying different herbal teas for a while now, but none of them have compared to this one. The depth of flavour is amazing and it feels like a treat to drink it. It has a lovely spicy finish with the ginger. Wonderful stuff, highly recommended.


Ridiculously nice

this is by far the best chai I've had. I couldn't ask for better. And for the price its an absolute steal


The best tea!

All the chai teas from Bird and Blend are my favourite. The gingerbread is definitely one of the best, so comforting with a splash of oat milk.


Maximum delicousness

I love this tea with all my heart. On my quest to find a comforting decaf tea that is wonderful without milk, I stumbled on this beauty. Now I can't imagine quarantine without it!



So comforting, so smooth. Can’t live without it!


A cup of heaven!

My absolute favourite chai flavoured drink. It’s delicious with the tea bag left in to make it extra spicy, with a hit of honey and oat milk. Total-tea bliss! Love the service, speed of delivery and super-friendly notes and samples. I’m forever addicted to Bird and Blend!


Spicy, vanilla-y winter warmer

Rooibos is my favourite kind of tea to drink and I’m always keen to try new flavours. I bought myself the Christmas Stocking Cube which has 6 Christmas teas in it including Gingerbread Chai. The smell didn’t seem particularly exciting but the taste is gorgeous. Leaves a nice spicy heat and a creamy vanilla aftertaste. Really, really nice!


Tastes like a cookie!!

This was my first ever bird&blend tea, and I tried it straight, unsweetened and unadulterated and was disappointed, it didn't taste like much... BUT! When I added milk it was transformed and tasted like a gingerbread cookie!! No idea how that works, but I LOVE this tea!!


Heartwarming Heaven

Delicious brewed with water as a midday thirst quencher or steeped in almond milk and sweetened oh-so-slightly with honey or vanilla sugar, this rooibos tea is a delight. It is, as a colleague stated, "Pukka!" And I recommend you dunk a gingernut for an explosive taste sensation.
I will be trying out a cake recipe with this tea. Yum.


Delicious in the evening

The spicy warmth of this tea never fails to compliment the rich tea biscuits and dark chocolate that I like to dip in it . A relaxing night time cuppa is just what I need to replace other night time imbibing habits ! A genuine star and a wonderful help to my ongoing sobriety


Yummy spicy gingerbread

If only six stars was an option. I want to drink this tea every night for the rest of my life! I used to be addicted to ginger tea but I'm on the hard stuff now.


Gingerbread Chai!

Awesome flavor and delicious tea. I’m having a tea party and this tea will be the star!


for when you cant be bothered making a proper chai and cleaning the chai pot

This is a good option wfor when you are sleepy and too tired to be bothered brewing a proper chai. True it doesn't taste like a brewed chai in a pot but it does taste pretty good anyway, and no messy bits to clean. It is good to have a caffeine free option


Very special tea!

This is the second time time I am buying this tea. The taste is very unique, the ginger is very subtle. Lovely taste.



First tasted your tea at the Hotel du Van in St Andrews- I loved the rooibos blend - couldn’t find a outlet in Scotland but was well pleased when I found I could order it direct- will try more blends in future.


Takes the biscuit

It tastes like liquid ginger biscuit. Warm and spicy and ‘rounded’ in the mouth. A bit of luxury in the cup.


Almost perfect!

The classic chai for me is all about the cardamom which this is slightly lacking. The gingerbread and the other chai aspects are lovely, and in general it's a yummy tea.

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