The classic Earl Grey but with a papaya + strawberry twist!


Earl's Paradise

Black Tea

Earl's Paradise

The classic Earl Grey but with a papaya + strawberry twist!


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lProduct Description

No one at The Nest (Bird & Blend HQ!) can start the day without a cup of this fruity, refreshing tea. Didn't think you could improve the classic? We will happily prove you wrong! No words are gong to do it justice, it simply is paradise! Insiders tip: try it without milk for perfection.


Ceylon black tea, papaya pieces (papaya, sugar), strawberry pieces, freeze-dried strawberry, lime leaves, jasmine blossom, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water -  4 mins with milk or 3 mins without


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Earl's Paradise

Product Reviews


Based on 38 reviews


Great take on an old favourite!

This was the first tea by Bird & Blend I've ever tried and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I love how the fruity sweetness enhances the well-loved Earl Gray flavour. Just great!


Best Earl grey I've ever had

This is just such a good cup of earl grey with a hint of fruitiness, delicious with oat milk


Tasty, but not quite for me

I am a huge Earl Grey drinker, and I was excited about this one. I do enjoy it, but I found it difficult to figure out quite how best to drink it.

I usually drink my Earl Grey with a tiny bit of milk (yes I know, I’m that person) however, that doesn’t really work with this one.

I tried it black, with honey, without, with lemon... just not quite sure. So I’d say if you drink Earl Grey black, this one is probably for you, with milk, maybe less so.

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A slice of paradise

This tea quickly became my favourite after the first cup. With a nice balance of fruit and Earl Grey to taste, it's nice to sit with in both warm and cold days


Earl grey upgrade

Beautiful. The floral notes of an earl grey with delicious fruity flavours, both mellows the floral taste but enhances the overall flavour really well.


Never liked earl grey until i had this

Love this earl grey! Strawberry gives it bit more sweetness! It was that good i brought a large packet second time round!


Fragrant and Fruity

I was looking for a good Summer blend that would satisfy my seasonal fruity cravings whilst also meeting my breakfast tea needs, and I've stuck upon a winner! I don't know if all B&B's Earl Grey blends use the same base, but this one is very fragrant and sumptuous. Meanwhile, the fruit notes are sweet and fresh, and really do harken to you back to tropical visits in the sun! Definitely a new Summer staple for me! ...Read more


Strong Earl Grey, not for the faint of heart!

This one packs a strong earl grey punch, much like the normal Earl Grey Creme. If you like that blend but want something more exotic, go for it! The strawberry papaya plays surprisingly well with the bergamot.


Just became my favourite afternoon tea

I had this one a while back, but recently ordered a packet to cope with lockdown. It is such a nice tea to have in the afternoon. The fruity bits are just enough to give the traditional earl grey flavour a fruity twist without any of that traditional sickly fruit tea taste. Best brewed in a big cup for a short period, let cool and sup with a shortbread finger. I don't take milk in my tea though, so may be different if you do! ...Read more


A delicious twist on earl grey

I love earl grey tea and this is just perfect. You get the taste of the usual earl grey with a delicious addition of the sweetness from the fruit. My sample lasted less than a week and I NEED more. My favourite earl grey blend so far


No parrots in this paradise!

Love the Earl Grey creme so wanted to try another version. Gorgeous little tea - enjoyed with and without milk. Fruity taste catches you at the end but hasn’t lost anything of the traditional earl. Looking forward to this in warmer months too. A cocktail in a cuppa!


Earl Grey with an exotic twist

Got this for my boyfriend, and he liked it a lot although he doesn't find a big difference between normal Earl grey and this one, but it smells amazing


Fresh flavour

We started with Earl Grey Creme and now have the Paradise as well. It’s mild and fresh. We like both blends a lot.


Perfect fruit pairing for Earl Grey

I love a good strawberry Earl Grey, and the addition of the papaya adds a bright note to an already good tea. Definitely a favorite fruity Earl Grey.


Like a fruit rollup

Its nice and sweet, honestly this is a really good alternative to a normal earl grey tea. I drank mine with milk, and it was very good.


Earl has moved to the tropics

This delicately flavoured blend is delicious. It has a buttery taste that needs no sugar or milk. I left mine to brew for a bit longer to get the most of the subtleness. Yet another B&B brew I can’t live without!


Unusual but excellent addition to the classic

I ordered this because I've seen Earl Grey with vanilla and with lavender before, but never strawberry or papaya. It was interesting to compare with the Earl Grey New House Blend - the base tea is noticeably lighter, which works better with the additional fruit flavours than a stronger blend would have. I've not drunk this with any sweetener, and the bottom of the cup is a bit more bitter than the first half. It is a pleasant bitterness, though.

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A unique idea for a blend, but doesn't hit the spot for me.

I needed an Earl this morning! This blend sounded amazing in theory: Strawberry, lime, papaya, jasmine, bergamot?? Sadly, this isn’t a tough black tea and it didn’t have much of a bergamot flavor either. I’d say the first hints are strawberry. There really isn’t much of a fruit addition to the blend. The black tea doesn’t have much flavor to begin with. This is nice, but not enough of a kick in the morning. It also reminds me too much of Love Potion which I seem to like about the same - not as delicious as I'd like. I need MORE flavor all around here. It isn’t my favorite from B&B. I’m glad I don’t love ALL of their blends though… I would want to order them all!!...Read more



This tea is perfect for Earl Grey fan , fruity but not too much !


Berried Earl

I’m enjoying it greatly after coming in to work early and a few hours of difficult work diagnosing an issue. There’s a nice amount of bergamot – and it’s not perfumey or chemical-tasting. The other flavors are quite subtle. I can taste the strawberry, and it’s the freeze-dried variety which, to me, tastes the most authentic. It’s definitely a very light strawberry flavor though. The jasmine is a bit stronger, though it does blend perfectly with the bergamot. I’m not sure I can pick out anything about the base tea other than it’s smooth and inoffensive.

I like this one! I would perhaps lessen the bergamot and increase the strawberry just a touch to make it perfect.

Flavors: Bergamot, Floral, Jasmine, Smooth, Strawberry
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