White tea with blissful coconut, jasmine blossom & cinnamon - it’s a Duvet Day!


Duvet Day

White Tea

Duvet Day

White tea with blissful coconut, jasmine blossom & cinnamon - it’s a Duvet Day!


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lProduct Description

Snuggle up & tuck into this dreamy blend, just perfect for lazy days under the duvet! With stress-busting white tea & soothing jasmine, ahhhh and relax!


How are we drinking it?

We are loving this blend as a simple hot tea! Also, Our store teams, especially Manchester have been obsessed with this as a cosy latte!


 Chinese white tea, desiccated coconut, cinnamon, jasmine blossom, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 80° water - max 3 mins - without milk


Top Tip: To get  80° water for white or green tea, add a 1/5th of cold water to your cup/pot first. See our 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' article for more information


Duvet Day

Product Reviews


Based on 6 reviews


Dreamy Coconut Dessert!

This is super yummy! It’s like some sort of delicious, sweet coconut and cinnamon confection. The jasmine is very light and adds a nice complimentary flavor that keeps it from being too sweet overall. There’s also a lovely rich and buttery note that really sells the coconut dessert aspect, along with the oat-y flavor of the white base.

Wow, this is exactly what I hoped it’d be! Now I have to decide whether to order a bunch, because you know how teas with fresh coconut are… Hmm…
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A big surprise - again!

I really don't like coconut but again I'm surprised by a Bird & Blend tea with coconut in it. This is really tasty and I love cinnamon (it's one of my favourite flavours).


The name matches the tea

This tea is the epitome of being wrapped in a duvet on a grey day when you're in need of some quiet, snuggly down time. I'm so glad I chose to try it. I can foresee this being my go to comfort tea. The flavours are light and delicate, but come through really nicely.


I'd love a duvet day every day ;-)

Quite a subtle flavour, refreshing and pleasant to drink. It is not in my top 5, however, I'm increasingly finding that no matter how much I like coconut to eat, the flavour in a drink doesn't quite agree with my palate. (hence only 4 stars)


Snuggle Me Up With a Cup of Duvet Day

The scent of this tea when you open the pouch is just stunning - it smells of warmth and comfort. I've had a little trial and error making it though - it's one of those teas that if you leave brewing a little too long, tastes bitter. That's my personal taste though and I've found that a little honey helps to take away any bitterness. I could definitely snuggle up with a cup of this but I really wanted it to taste as dreamy as it smells in the pack and I just haven't been able to get that, hence the 4 stars. I'd definitely buy it again though....Read more



This tea is amazing, if you've been looking for the just right tea, this is it. It is super delicious, I will definitely be getting more of this one :)