Melt away in our sleepy time tea bath soak, with the soothing powers of Himalayan pink salts & dead sea salts!


Dreamer's Bath Soak

Dreamer's Bath Soak

Melt away in our sleepy time tea bath soak, with the soothing powers of Himalayan pink salts & dead sea salts!


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Soak your worries away in our gorgeous dreamtime bath soak, infused with our best selling sleepy herbal blend: Dozy Girl! 


So not only does this bath salt look beautiful but the smell is incredible! This is the perfect gift for any bath lover in your life or someone that needs an evening of pampering.


This bath salt is extra special because it was developed by our Bristol Trainee Manager, Holly!


2 - 3 luxury soaks per bottle!


How to: Pour 1/3 into a bath. Leave for 4 mins until salts have dissolved & relax!


WARNING: Contains actual flower petals that can block plug & stain your bath! We recommend using a plug drain and wiping your bath down straight away after use!


After some great customer feedback we have added our DIY 'sacs' to this product so you can choose whether or not you would like to bathe in the petals loose in your bath (which requires a bit of cleaning up afterwards!) or to fill your sac and let it soak in the tub with you - a bath tea bag, if you will! Enjoy!

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Dreamer's Bath Soak

Product Reviews


Based on 4 reviews


Big Cleanup!

I thought this was such a fabulous idea (having a bath in a giant cup of tea!), and was actually served by the person who dreamed up this excellent soak! Unfortunately I should have had more sense and used a bath salts bag - as nice as it was to bathe surrounded by tea, it was a nightmare to clean up and I think it'll be a while before I brave it again! It was a really nice bath though.


A Flurry of Flowers

I love the relaxing rose scent. The stress of the day simply floats away. I love the flurry of flowers in the tub. It turns a so so soak into a decadent dream. A wonderful gift for a frazzled friend. Perfect when paired with Dozy Girl or your favorite blend.


Well earned decadent luxury!

I’m a bit of a shower person- you know always rushing about.. but I was given this as a present and I took the plunge and decided on the bath after a stressed day at work! Smells beautiful and the petals look so pretty! Half an hour later my skin is soft and pampered- what a lovely treat. I need to do this more often!


Nice but messy

I received this product to review for free. My opinions are my own.

I found this a nice floral mix that smelt lovely. I'm personally not a fan of petals in my bath, and cleaning them out of the bath afterwards was a pain. I also found that the salt had mainly fallen down to the bottom of the bottle and I had to carefully shake some out while trying not to empty the whole thing in to the bath.
My skin felt lovely afterwards though!
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