Smooth milk oolong + sweet coconut. That is all. Coconut bliss!



Coconut Milk Oolong

Oolong Tea

Coconut Milk Oolong

Smooth milk oolong + sweet coconut. That is all. Coconut bliss!



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lProduct Description

Creamy, hand-rolled little pearls of loveliness that have been partly oxidised and lightly-roasted blended with dried coconut flakes!  Milk Oolong is famous for its sweet, silky taste and beautiful shape as the leaves unfurl in your cup! Mixologist tip - you can re-steep this one up to 7 times. 


Taiwanese milk oolong, coconut flakes, desiccated coconut.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 80° water - 3 mins - no milk


Top Tip: This tea can be re-brewed up to 7 times!


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Coconut Milk Oolong

Product Reviews


Based on 113 reviews



didn't know i liked oolong, but this is gorgeous; the coconut is subtle but refreshing and holds the taste after steeping the leaves 2/3 times - so good


Coconut lovers tea

I love coconut and this tea is perfect for me. Huge pieces of sweet coconut are in the blend- I even pull some out and leave in my tea to eat when I’m don’t with the tea! Tastes so great!


Not for me...

I love literally all the teas on this website but this tea is just NOT for me. I tried it in my cold brew bottle in coconut milk and it was pretty gross. I could barely drink it. I finally tried it hot hoping it would be better but it’s not. I like coconut and green tea so maybe I just don’t like the oolong? I don’t know!



Very tasty


Not my cup of tea

I was really hoping I would enjoy this tea. I couldn't actually taste anything much apart from a hint of coconut.



Smooth and delicious, if you love coconut then this is a must buy.


Definitely coconutty

Oolong is quite a strong flavour but the coconut definitely comes through



This is my favourite tea - I always go through it faster than I expect and you can use each strainer full for several cups! Could not recommend highly enough!


Milk oolong is the best!

Milk oolong has always been one of my favourite teas, ever since I discovered it at Talk of Tea in Brighton, and after coming across Bird & Blend's Coconut Milk Oolong, I have become completely addicted. The combination of coconut and milk oolong is impeccable, and this loose leaf blend can be brewed twice without suffering much loss of flavour. Highly recommended!


Paradisiaque ~ Heavenly

One of my very favourite


Not Coconuts Over It

I guess I'm in the minority here, but while this tea is perfectly fine, it didn't knock my socks off the way I was hoping. I found that unless I steeped it for twice the recommended length of time, I didn't really taste the coconut enough. Usually I don't put milk in Oolong, but I found it helped to bring out the flavours with this one. It's definitely nice, but not the creamy coconut blast I had anticipated. The oolong is very high quality, though, so that's a plus! It's a fine tea, but I'm not sure I would get it again. ...Read more


The summer tea

This is the only tea I want on hot summer days. It tastes like holidays without the 14 day quarantine on return.


Gorgeous flavour

I love this tea, by far my favourite oolong. The coconut adds a creamy, soft flavour to the oolong that rounds it off spectacularly. I honestly can't recommend this one enough.


A unmute alternative to my favourite peppermint cream

Delicious. Feels like a real treat. Try it for sure!


The best Bird & Blend tea!

This is my favourite of the standard Bird & Blend menu, and I always make sure I've got some in stock. Milk oolong is a bit of an acquired taste, but if you like it (and I love it!) then this combination with coconut is just perfect. Comforting and refreshing at any time of day.



Though a lovely milk oolong tea in its own right, this coconut version left me wanting more; coconut is unctuous, sweet, and rich, yet this tea really left a lot to be desired in the coconut department! Still delicious, and I may try a stronger brew and make a coconut milk oolong boba tea with it, using a coconut milk to give what it’s missing a bit of an oomph.



I can see why this tea is a fan favourite - lovely, slightly buttery taste with a hint of coconut is a hit. Absolutely delicious.


I'm coconuts for this guy

I keep coming back to this one (in larger and larger packs). It's such a great flavour and feels like a big tea hug.



Beautiful smooth light tea full of lovely coconut flavour


Lovely creamy tea!

Fantastic light blend, very mild but rounded with a buttery taste. It's one of my new favourite!

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