Tropical whole fruit tea blend - pineapple, papaya + passion fruit


Cococabana Coola

Fruit Infusion

Cococabana Coola

Tropical whole fruit tea blend - pineapple, papaya + passion fruit


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lProduct Description

Wish you could be on a tropical beach this summer? This tea is all white sand + blue skies, hot bods + beach balls. Lots of whole fruit pieces including papaya, pineapple + passion fruit...try saying that after a tea cocktail or two! Add a paper umbrella and enjoy iced too.


Apple, hibiscus, rosehip, mango, papaya, pineapple, orange, passionfruit, corinths, sunflower petals.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - without milk


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Cococabana Coola

Product Reviews


Based on 42 reviews


Amazing hot and cold brewed!

This is by far one of my favourites!! It's delicious hot and cold brewed. But, for a real treat, me and my kids love it cold brewed in lemonade!!! It's becoming a staple drink in my household!


A fruity wonderland

Simply the best fruit tea I've ever tried. A real depth of flavour with no strange aftertaste. Absolutely yummy!


Full of pineapple

This was delicious hot but also when I
left it to go cold by mistake


Oh my!

This is utterly delicious! Have made stacks of cold brew and traditional hot tea... both absolutely delicious and once the tin is empty, I’m found sniffing the gorgeous left over smell! Highly recommend.


Best fruit infusion drink

I enjoyed drinking this. Brew it with a sparkling water.


One of my faves for Summer

I Really Love that one Cold brewed in water! It is so refreshing and Fruity!


I'm Coola than most.

This is a standard for a sweet iced tea that's an essential for a walk in the sun. You'll always keep hydrated, out of sheer love for the flavouring.


A nice change

This is another tea that I tried as an iced tea. It's a nice tea to try as it has a slightly different taste.. Fruity but with a cola twist. I don't disslike this tea but I enjoy other Bird and Blend teas more, like Strawberry Lemonade or Blue Raspberry.


The best cold brew tea ever !

I’ve been to the shop last week on a hot day to get a cold drink and I loved the smell of the cocabana cola. Tried it as a water brew and it tasted amazing. No sugar was added too. It’s naturally sweet. You must try it indeed! I’m well stocked up for summer now x


The best cold brew tea ever

I usually don’t like water brewed tea and I use coconut Or oat milk. Once I stopped by the shop on a hot day to get a cold drink and loved the cola fruity smell of cocoabana and I tried it in the shop water brewed and it was amazing. No sugar needed which suits my diet. It’s a must try indeed!


Fruity Mixer

Great on its on as a fruity punch without being cloying and also great to blend with other teas. I particularly like it with Lime Cola.


makes me sing the song

Fabulous tea. My sons are even drinking the tea.I have to order more.


Amazing flavour

LOVE this as a cold brew. I usually struggle to find decent fruit teas but this is so fruity and refreshing. My first Bird & Blend tea but I think it's the beginning of a new obsession!!


Perfectly pleasant tropical tea

I rarely fancy a fruity tea but I enjoyed this one and can imagine that as a cold brew it could be fantastic as part of a cocktail.


Hibiscus overload... therefore the worst tea I've tried from B&B.

This was a sample from B&B so maybe it was all in the luck of what actually went into the teabag... I should have known… hibiscus. But the other ingredients sounded so good! I only steeped this one for three minutes, but I could tell right away it would be hibiscus overload since the cup was so red. I even threw out a big piece of hibiscus before it went into the infuser. This is why I don’t understand hibiscus in tea blends… hibiscus might as well be the only ingredient because it drowns all the other fun flavors out. This isn’t terrible if you actually like hibiscus. I wouldn’t order this one. Ah well, I appreciated the sample anyway!...Read more


A taste sensation

Absolutely love this flavour of fruit tea. I’ve never seen a tea with so much fragrance, colour and taste. It takes me back to sweets I had as a child and I love it. Thoroughly impressed with all the bird & blend fruit teas I’ve ordered so far!


Tropical escape!

This tea is unbelievably fragrant with its medley of tropical fruit; it looks and smells good enough to eat. We picked up a sample in the shop and loved it so much we immediately ordered a tin and will soon need a refill.


My favorite for a great cold brew

This tea makes an incredible cold-brew! It tastes so summery and tropical and the tea itself looks stunning.


autumn warmth

ideal for the cooling weather nice start to the morning


Amazing cold brew!

This tea makes the most amazing cold brew. Tastes like a tropical punch!

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