⚡ A wizarding wonder of creamy, caramel-ly delight! ⚡


Butter Brew

Black Tea

Butter Brew

⚡ A wizarding wonder of creamy, caramel-ly delight! ⚡


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Voted back by YOU as part of our Summer collection! 


You’re gonna go PotTEA for our caramel butter brew! We've combined our favourite British book/film series with every British persons favourite drink...A good ol' cuppa! ⚡️


Our Expert Tea Mixologist's Top Tip: Try this with coconut or oat milk!


We love this tea because it's so versatile, our favourite drinks are; Iced Butter Brew Cream Soda and Butter Brew Frappe - check out our UniversiTEA to see the recipes!


Indian Assam black tea, Sri Lankan black tea, calendula petals, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.




Butter Brew

Product Reviews


Based on 44 reviews


Lip smacking

This is delicious mixed with cream soda and a cold brew.


Lovely hint of caramel

I loved the sound of a caramel tea and this one smelled at tasted lovely! I could have done with a little more caramel flavour, and it is not as memorable as some other Bird & Blend teas I buy over and over, but overall it was a really nice tea I definitely enjoyed drinking!



This is such a gorgeous tea, lovely caramel and vanilla like flavours. It’s as if I put ice cream in my tea rather than milk. Love the fact we can now buy a fan sized pouch!


The best tea ever

I mean the headline says it all... My wife is an avid tea lover. Me, well I was boring and stuck the breakfast tea. Then we got butter brew... Oh my word it's the best tea in the planet. I am officially converted.


So Good!

I've even very frugal with this delicious blend. I hope it comes back again!


Buttery bliss

This is a new favourite, a bit like a cup of tea with a piece of buttery sweet flapjack, delicious!


Bitter Brew

I was really excited to try this as I'm a Harry Potter fan and have enjoyed other versions of Butterbeer. Unfortunately this was far too bitter for me.



This was the first loose tea I had ever tried, and I am in love with it! I leave it to brew little longer than stated but this is a staple, I hope it stays


Slightly sweet tea goodness

This tea is my new favourite! It has a very gentle sweetness and is amazing with a dash of oat milk. I’m all stocked up and sad it won’t be around for ever :(


Not for muggles

I love this, so nice as a cold brew or a hot drink with milk and squirty cream. A must for Harry Potter fans


Delicious and addictive...

It's easy to see why Butter Brew is one of the most popular blends - it's just that good. It doesn't suffer from a weak flavour at all - you can smell it as soon as you add the hot water. As for the taste, it just keeps getting better each time you try it. Will definitely be buying again!!!


Butter Brew-Tea-Ful!!!

I've always wanted to buy tea from here, but could never quite find the blend that I truly wanted (or I'd be too slow and miss out on the ones I knew I would love). But as soon as my sister showed me a picture of this Butter Brew tea, I knew, without any hesitation, that I had to buy it (I've bought 300g in total!). This is the best tea I have ever tasted!! It smells divine, tastes amazing, and is just, overall, magical. I would highly recommend this tea blend to everyone - Thank you, Bird and Blend Tea, for this truly beautiful blend!!!...Read more


Oh my goodness

I'm in love with this tea. After adding sweetener, cream, and lots of ice, this tea is like a heavenly dessert in a glass. So creamy and delicious! When I saw it was limited, I ordered more! Thanks Bird & Blend! This needs to be permanent!!!


Magical and Beautiful Tea!!!

My latest Tea that I ordered was Belles Breakfast and it is such a lovely tea that taste like it was made for a Princess. Do not hesitate to try this Tea or any of their teas, I have enjoyed every one I have tried.


Total buttery goodness

A really nice and fragrant tea, but I felt it needed to be steeped for about 5-6 minutes for the true flavours to come out. Never the less, still a fine brew (and this is coming from a coffee drinker normally!).


A magical brew!

Smells absolutely divine, and tastes fantastic too. All the flavours without being too overpowering. I drink mine black, and it’ll be the perfect winter warmer when then weather turns (unless 30 degrees is just how life is now... in which case it’s perfectly good in warm weather too).



This is one of those perfect, simple pleasures. It's a good cuppa tea, but better. Like buttery biscuits and soft caramel in perfect harmony with the black tea base. I love this. I love it so much. I'm having emotions.



This tea is so yummy! It tastes creamy and caramelly without the addition of milk. This is good for me, since i'm lactose. It also tastes something similar to the tea you would get with the asian bubble tea! would def recommend it to everyone


Best black tea ever!

This tea is amazing! The caramel flavour is just sweet enough without being overpowering and balances so well with the other flavours. This is easily the best black tea I’ve ever had and quickly became one I’ve repurchased! Definitely try it if you like subtle sweet flavours!


Such a creamy tea!

I can't believe how full, creamy, buttery taste this tea has. You almost expect to see cream swirling in, but nope. This has raised up to one of the top teas that I have ever had from B&B and that is saying something indeed. I am also delighted that the malty flavour of assam doesn't overwhelm the blend.

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