Bird & Blend's House Blend - a classic English Breakfast tea


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Great British Cuppa | Tea Bags

Bird & Blend's House Blend - a classic English Breakfast tea


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lProduct Description

No matter where you are in the world, nothing beats a Great British Cuppa! Fantastic with a fry up, perfect with a Paddington (that's marmalade on toast of course!) brilliant with a biscuit. It just doesn't get much better than this.


Our Great British Cuppa is a fragrant blend of black teas from across the world, all mingling harmoniously in your mug! A lighter English breakfast blend, enjoy it however you want: black, milky or even iced with a squeeze of lemon, the world is your cuppa!


This tea won a Great Taste Award! Read what the judges had to say and check out our other award winning teas here.


 Indian Assam black tea, Ceylon black tea, Chinese Yunnan tea.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


 Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.


Got a burning tea question? Give the TEAm a call on 01273 325 523.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 teabag - 100° water - 5+ mins with milk or 3 mins without milk


How we're drinking it:

Nice and simple, with a splash of oat milk and a biscuit dunked!

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Great British Cuppa | Tea Bags

Product Reviews


Based on 28 reviews


A new favourite

I was looking for a new black tea blend and really happy I decided to try this one! I have enjoyed this blend without anything added, with a bit of sugar, and with milk. It is nice with either coconut or full milk. Definitely recommend.



Delicious tea - ordering again in bigger packet!! Very fast delivery


Seriously best morning tea

This is my favourite way to start a morning! Great British Cuppa is a lovely tea for morning or anytime really. I have a monthly subscription and I just bought a pack of 100, since my 9 year old daughter has been drinking it too in the mornings. Thank you for making our days special!


A good solid brew you can start the day with

It's really easy with some of these smaller places to go all tea snob and go for flavour and weirdness over actual taste.

That being said this is a really good blend for a morning cuppa. It's got the flavour you're used to but with a cleaner and crisper taste. It tastes fresher and better. Will 100% be buying some more.


Great cuppa

Tea is super. The range of different teas are amazing. Will try to visit their shop in Cardiff as soon as life starts again.


Notice the difference

If you're used to drinking PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea and all of those brands - fine, it's a decent cup of tea. But. If you have a Bird and Blend cuppa, my word, you really, REALLY notice the difference. It's beautiful.

Now. I can't necessarily afford to drink BnB tea all the time (I drink a hell of a lot of tea) but everyday I treat myself to one or two cups of their tea amongst all the other cups of PG and those are the ones I look forward to the most.

When I win the pools, I'll get a sack of Bird and Blend until then I'll stick with my little tea treats.

Speaking of which, I'm putting the kettle on now.

Thanks, Ashley
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Best everyday tea ever

I purchased the 45 tea bags with the tin. Best decision I've made in 2020. It beats all other everyday black teas. I have 1 a day as a treat after a day of standard black teas, and it feels like a treat. I absolutely love seeing the tin on my shelf like the ones in the shop too!


Great British Cuppa

Honestly the best breakfast blend of tea you can get. The tea is bold and a perfect tea to drink in the morning. Great with or without milk.


Great British Cuppa

A really nice tasting cuppa which we like to have each weekend as a treat. Flavour is strong and not too flowery.


Buy them!

This is THE BEST cup of tea you’ll ever drink. Drink it without milk or anything and brew as instructed. ☕️


Excellent morning cups warmth & flavor

Mornings with a warm, fragrant British Cuppa mugga in my hands are cherished.


My new favourite

This tea is one of my absolute favourites after a (long) lifetime of tea drinking. It has a complex, rich flavour with no hint of the tannin bitterness that spoils many blended black teas. Usually you get this quality only when brewing loose leaves but it was such a pleasure to get it in a tea bag.


Best cuppa out there!

I was initially drawn to buying these because no plastic used in tea bags. Now I know why it has a best taste award. By far the best brew ever.


A small surprise treat in Edinburgh

On a recent trip to Scotland, we were weary from plane flight and too early to settle in our room. A lovely person @ Hotel du Vin offered us tea while waiting, and a Bird & Blend Great British Cuppa fan was made.


Great Tea

Second time reordering this blend! I‘m a huge black tea drinker but this is by far my favorite one. I would recommend it to everyone.


Great Cuppa

A beautiful blend to set you up in the morning or have later in the day for a gentle pick me up.



Perfect cup of tea for drinking on a sunday afternoon in the garden. I love the bird and blend teas, they are all delicious!!


Wake up call.

Great tea to get you up and going in the morning. Bird and blend teas are super because different to what you can normally get.


Great for even the most fussy tea drinkers

I got my first teabag as a trial free with another order. I was sceptical, all my life I have been drinking English Breakfast tea and only English Breakfast tea. Dropped in the teabag,let it brew, added a splash of milk, first thoughts... Its not going to taste nice, it's too pale. Oh how wrong I was, it was lovely strong tea taste, no bitterness at all, it weirdly stays quite pale no matter how much you brew it, however the flavour is not weak (I like a good strong brew). I went straight back online and ordered a massive bag of these teabags, absolutely delicious and highly recommend! ...Read more


Beautiful and delicious product!

I ordered the Great British Cuppa tea bags for a staff member’s birthday at work and she was delighted. She said they made a “proper cup of tea, perfect for dunking bickies in”.
I thought the packaging was beautiful too x

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