Our magic, colour changing tea, Blue Raspberry is here to stay! Have you tried it in a Unicorn Fizz yet?


Watch this beautiful Blue Butterfly Pea blend change colour before your eyes!



Blue Raspberry

Green Tea

Blue Raspberry

Our magic, colour changing tea, Blue Raspberry is here to stay! Have you tried it in a Unicorn Fizz yet?


Watch this beautiful Blue Butterfly Pea blend change colour before your eyes!



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lProduct Description

We never cease to be amazed by the incredible colour-chaning power of Bird & Blend's Blue Raspberry tea! The magical butterfly blue pea flower turns your cuppa a naturally bright blue, add a squeeze of lemon to transform this into a mystical unicorn brew!


Need some inspiration or some awesome recipes? Check out our Unicorn Fizz Recipe and our Blue Raspberry Frappe Recipe!


Chinese Sencha green tea, blue pea flowers, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


 Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.


Got a burning tea question? Give the TEAm a call on 01273 325523.


How we're drinking it:

We love our Blue Raspberry tea iced, topping it with lemonade will make this magical brew go from blue to pink! Pop a cheeky splash of your favourite tipple in too for a fun cocktail! Check out some of our favourite recipes below:

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Blue Raspberry

Product Reviews


Based on 96 reviews


Classic. Classic. Classic.

One of my first Bird & Blend teas (way back before it was B&B!). Tastes amazing, smells amazing, looks amazing - touch of lemon? Magical!


Exciting and fun

This one was a hit due to the colour - and it tastes good too!



Worst tea I’ve had from B&B. Was expecting a fruity delight but it’s very bitter and not enjoyable. I regret not buying it in a sample size to try first


Lovely colors

I cold brewed mine in lemonade and it was a wonderful pink color. It tasted amazing and would definitely recommend.


not my cup of tea

Slightly disappointed - it smelt good but the raspberry flavour just didn't hit the mark for me.


Weird and wonderful

Such an unusual colour for a tea, it was like being a child again and having a slush puppy. This tea works well hot and cold. The green tea and raspberry really complement each other well to make a delicious tea.


Amazing colour!

Had not tried this tea before but loved it! Really cool colour and has a lovely taste


Gorgeous Colour and Taste

I really love the colour of this tea using my transparent tea pot but the taste matches perfectly for me! Lovely cup of tea to enjoy sitting outside


It's blue da ba Dee da ba di

It's such a stunning shade of royal blue when brewed like I hoped it would be I love it when you add the lemon and it turns pink
Taste wise for my personal cuppa I think I have to add something sweet to it as I find the green tea a tad overpowering over the raspberry but I surely have to try it in the unicorn fizz


Lovely experience

I enjoy drinking this tea from a transparent mug on a sunny day, the colour makes it an interesting experience. However, the taste is a little bit weak.


The best green tea hot and cold

I love this tea and regularly make it as a cold brew as the sweet and slight sharpness of the raspberry fits really well with the floral aroma.


As blue as the sky on a summer's day!

We love Blue Raspberry here. It reminds us of the blue slush puppy / blue Mr Freeze ice pops we used to have as a treat when we were kids!

We've found that it's not the strongest so we have to use slightly more than the recommended amount to get a decent cuppa from it though.


Great mixer drink

Not only is this tea blue, (it looks purple, purple tea is still cool) but if you add lemon


Anyone for the most wonderful tea.

If you want a very special tea - this is it . I love my afternoons when I sit down and have this wonderful tea. Unbelievably good


Very Blue

This tea is very blue at first, but if you let it steep for longer then it turns greener. Still very awesome. I think it needs a bit more raspberry though, because mine was more strongly green tea than raspberry.


Turquoise tea anyone?

I was pulled into the marketing of this one but who doesn't want turquoise tea? AND it taste really good too. Love the green tea, fruit and flower combinations. I've tried it as the Unicorn Fizz and just plan of hot infusion - I prefer the latter.


A very tasty green/blue tea!

I love the raspberry aftertaste and how great it smells! This has quickly become my go-to green tea blend!


A delicious green tea

I love how it becomes quite purple once it's brewed. The smell is not amazing I have to say, but the taste is.


Amazing bright tea

Beautiful rich and vibrant indigo colour that is the best tasting fruit tea I’ve had. Normally I don’t like fruit tea as it is very bitter but this tea is smooth and fruity. Love it!



Has a lighter flavour than I expected but still very pleasant and yes, it really is blue! Make it strong enough and it's even purple!

Best served in a glass mug with a slixe of lemon. Yummy!

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